Sunday, 28 September 2014

Like A Rabbit in the Headlights

Do rabbits even freeze in headlights? Actually now I think about it, I'm pretty sure they bolt.

I am not frozen exactly but I have three weeks left of lectures and four essays are due but, alas, not yet written. The sheer amount that must be produced has me in a state of high anxiety. Several lecturers have empathised and told me that the work load on students now is far greater than when they studied. This is not reassuring. It just makes me want to bite. Or kick like a kangaroo with my strong bunny back legs.

Recreational writing, like recreational reading is a pleasurable pastime. Thesis driven essays about subjects you are not passionate about threaten my will to live. I would rather chew off my own arm than complete the three thousand words about International Conflict.

Creative writing is taking a back seat until the donkey work is done and dusted, which is tricky because...
I have three short stories forming in my head. They are taking up space,  they are vying for attention and getting quite loud. They do not like to be ignored and make their presence felt when I'm trying to string together another sentence about the conflict in Afghanistan. I am not convinced this is a good reason to ask for an extension or in the case of the IR/ Politics paper, perhaps one of those mental health passes. There is no place for the middle east in my  stories and no room for imagination in my assignment. The two are obviously mutually exclusive in the eyes of the academy. Perhaps this is what's wrong with politics or at the very least, the Labour Party.

As for the guest blogs on The Daily Blog, well lets face it. I am addicted. I'm a Blog-ict. That link should take you straight to my latest post or you can find it in the list to your right. It is titled "The Post Election Post-mortem is Giving me Post Party Depression."  It got lots of comments, which to me is like P. I want more. Almost before the comments have slowed I am planning my next. It is the instant validation of knowing that someone else has read my work. How spectacular. I don't even care if they hate it or disagree. They read it.
In other news my twitter followers have increased to 27. #winning
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