Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Soliciting Red Rabbit

Since my last post I have completed my undergraduate degree and written a brace of blogs. All of the blogs are on this site along with my latest short story, Baggage, which appeared in Landfall 228.
Normally I wouldn't put a story from hard copy up onto this blog quite so promptly but I am  soliciting for work, so I'm trying to keep all my digital ducks in a row. I am really  happy with  this story and thrilled it got selected for Landfall. It is a story about the perils of internet dating, though perhaps a little darker than the average dating tale. Disturbing even.
Having finished the B.A. I am not sure what will happen next. I have applied for a scholarship and am considering doing a post graduate degree. If I am accepted it will be an MA of English and a documentary theatre project.

I am also looking for work. If the right opportunity arises I will do my Masters part-time. I would love to be able to work writing but I am also drawn to community work. Who knows?
The only thing I know for sure is that finishing my degree is something I am extremely proud of. After leaving High School after sixth form, working in a range of industry (including the sex industry), marrying my best friend who just happened to be a former Hells Angel, I suspect most people consider me an unlikely scholar. It was my husband, Pat, who encouraged me to go to university.
I completed  six papers in my first year, while still working part time at his roading company. I received A grades in all of the papers. I was surprised. Pat wasn't. He always had faith in my ability and he always encouraged and supported me to try and do more. He might not have been surprised, but he was proud. He rang and told everyone my grades, even if he wasn't always sure what they were for.

That summer Pat was diagnosed with cancer. We had six months together before he died. During that time we planned what I should do. Perhaps more accurately, Pat planned, and I agreed. He wanted me to finish the degree and continue to write. I have done both. Now I have run out of directions and it is time for me to start making decisions on my own. Pat died one week before my first short story was selected for publication.
For the last two years there has not been a day that I have not cried for the loss and questioned if I could, or should,  finish. As hard as it was to continue, it would have been just as hard to stop. Studying has given me a purpose. I am lucky I have been in a financial position to be able to complete my study. I have also had some great support from the academic staff and I can not speak highly enough of Massey University, Albany.  
Overall I would have to say I am optimistic. I have purchased a Magic 8 Ball and am using it to guide all my future decisions. I have also given up internet dating.
My love and thanks to everyone who has helped me make it this far.

Kate Davis aka The Red Rabbit.

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