Monday, 25 August 2014

What is the Red Rabbit

Having mulled it over during the last few weeks I have defined and refined the purpose of this blog. The Red Rabbit Writes is the home of my published fiction. It is where anyone interested can access my work in one handy location. Most importantly it is the end of all excuses offered by friends or family as to why they haven't read my work.

Like any excited new parent I announced the birth of my happy, healthy, bouncing new blog on my Facebook status. ( Hooray! Its a Red Rabbit! Both mother and Bunny are doing fine.)  It was then that Martyn Bradbury sent me a message suggesting that said if I was interested in blogging perhaps I would write something for The Daily Blog. Martyn, assuming like most who know me, that my blogging would be  political. The Daily Blog for those outside the loop of New Zealand politics is the home of a collective of left wing writers, activist's, politicians and pundits. I fit into at least one of those categories. Wahooo! Write. Will I ? You bet! As it happened I did have something on my mind...

I blog on The Daily Blog under my name. Kate Davis. That is where you will find my opinion and my politics. This site is for my fiction. I would like to say that my fiction is without politics but that would be disingenuous. Of course it can be apolitical. It is after all up to you, the reader, how you interpret it.



  2. Here is the link to all my guest blogs on The Daily Blog