Saturday, 2 August 2014

Introducing The Red Rabbit Writes

The Red Rabbit Writes was started at the suggestion of a lecturer. He encourages  the use of a blog as a handy and free place to share and store your portfolio of writing for prospective employers.  As I am now in the final semester of my BA the idea of finding a job is hovering in  the no scholarship periphery. In other words, if I get a scholarship I will continue with a Masters. If I get offered a great job I will take it. Either way, by the end of the year I will be looking for income.
I am studying English and Politics. When friends heard I was starting a blog they assumed it was just another place for me to rant. They assumed that I would be blogging my discontent for the rest of the winter, into the spring and it would no doubt focus on the upcoming election.
My friends on Facebook and my Facebook friends probably breathed a collective sigh of relief when I updated my status with the news that I was starting a blog. Perhaps they would finally get some respite from my politics and I would get back to posting Grumpy Cat and GOT memes. My ranting would be confined to the blogosphere where it would join the million other silent voices creating a cacophony of one sided conversations. If a Blogger falls in the forest?
 'Watch out,' a friend cautioned 'blogging is addictive.' Ha! I scoffed. I am far too busy for that!
The endless cycle of Eat.Sleep. Rave. Repeat. Does Fat Boy Slim blog?
Nope. No way. I have assignments due, short stories that need to be told, social media to be updated. Oh right...that job that must be found.
There is no time for blogging.
That is not my intent...but.....
Often when I'm writing I start with  a title. It can be annoying. If I come up with a title or a heading I like I feel obligated to put it to bed with a body.
If I did blog they would surely have to be the opinions of the Bolshie Bunny.
Now there's a great name...

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